viernes, 25 de agosto de 2017

Outfits for attending a baptism

I´m attending to a christening this weekend and I was looking for dresses to match with some sandals. Since I have to move around alot because of my 19 month old toddler, I want my outfit to be comfy but pretty and trendy too. So here are two possible outfits for that day. Which is your favorite, A or B?


I found this fabulous romper dress that I think is comfy and trendy at the same time. Decided that it would be nice to wear it with some wedgy sandals and a small backpack where I can keep my baby+me essentials which I´m going to talk about in another post. But don´t forget about the accesories, what about some rings?


I love shirt dresses and just found the chambray perfect one to mix and match with some roman metallic sandals, a camel bag and big bracelet.

So let me know about which one would you choose... 
A or B

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lunes, 17 de julio de 2017

One piece Swimwear you can buy online

Oh God! I want every single swimsuit posted here...This is just a list of my favorite one piece swimsuits of the website I´m linking. I´m not earning commission from it.
Find them here o just click on the image to go directly to each swimsuit.

one piece 

All pictures from Shopbop

sábado, 15 de julio de 2017

6 Lovely Tops to buy online

Here they are, 6 lovely tops you can find here
This is just a list of my favorite tops of the website I linked before, I´m not earning any kind of commission or compensation from it. If you like them, just click each picture to go directly to the product details.

All pictures from Tobi.

jueves, 13 de julio de 2017

20 online store Must Haves for a trip

Hello girls! today I want to share with you my favorite pieces from an online store I like, take a look here.
It´s a collection of 20 items that you can mix and match to make some awesome outfits. If you´re going on a trip these items will save you for at least 15 days. This is just a list of my favorite stuff from the website I linked before. I´m not earning any commission or compensation from it.

All pictures from Go Jane